Thursday, May 10, 2007

Earth Angel

Soooo I bought a set of angel wings and went kinda crazy with them! I got a new camera lens this week and went to town taking pictures of Finn. My little one was an "angel" all day. He slept through just about every shot until the end of the day, when dad came home. Then a little swim in the pool.
fly angel bw
I could really use your help picking out one of these photos to use for part of a mother's day gift to my mom. Of course, I love all of the pictures, but I only need one to blow up and frame for my mom. Please help me choose! Just leave me a comment or an email. Thanks!


a friend to knit with said...

I of course LOVE them ALL.....
If I HAD to choose, I would choose either 2, 3 if you could lighten up Finn's face (do you have photo smart?) or 5. Leaning mostly towards 5...........

Honestly, they are ALL so beautiful you can't go wrong....not when you have a subject that looks like that! :)

Maria Papoila said...

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Jody said...

I loved them all too...and think it would be sweet to blow up teo or three and frame them together. Or separately. They just say so much when you group them up. Very sweet...but I think my FAVORITE was the last one. So relaxed. Finn is at an angel. Thanks for sharing your photos. Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you!

shelly d said...

I just got here.. I'm sure you have already picked a fabulous picture. Can't wait to see what you did.... Happy Mother's Day.

Maria Papoila said...

Please see my post about the missing little girl. It´s in portuguese and in english too (bold).